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Lecture Notes:

LN for Linear Algebra for Statisticians (Binghamton, MATH 530, Fall 2021)

LN for Advanced Probability Theory (Binghamton, MATH 571, Fall 2019)

LN for Life Contingency Models I (Binghamton, Fall 2017)

LN for Life Contingency Models II (Binghamton, Spring 2017)

LN for Intro to Probability (Binghamton, Math 447, Spring 2022)

arxiv:1305.2153 Lecture Notes on Random Matrices (Joint with E. Yudovina)
(Lecture notes for U. of Cambridge Part III course, Michaelmas 2011)

arxiv:1305.2611 Lecture Notes on Free Probability
(Lecture notes for a graduate course at Stanford University, Spring 2009)

Notes (preprint/technical report style):

Quaternion Orthogonal Polynomials (February 2018)

A brief summary of properties of quaternion orthogonal polynomials.

Thesis for PhD in mathematics:

Thesis (2008) [Technically speaking it is published by ProQuest Dissertation Publishing]

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