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Mathematics on the Web

Selected Very Useful Resources

  • Electronic repositories
    • JSTOR: electronic copies of complete runs of several major U.S. and British publications (AMS and Royal Soc. journals, Annals of Math., etc.).
    • The arXiv of electronic preprints in mathematics and physics.
  • LaTeX advice. On-line advice at CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network); in particular A (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX2e and a very compact, printable symbol list excerpted from the preceding (not readable with acroread; try ghostview).
    We also present to you a large, comprehensive symbols list (111 pages in PDF), with advice on forming new symbols (prepared by Scott Pakin).

Further Useful Resources



Pages for undergraduates

For example:



Bibliographical sources

  • Reviewing and citation indexes.
  • Journal home pages. 
    • Binghamton University online journal access: a partial list of journals accessible to us, with links, is maintained by the library.
    • The most extensive lists of math journals, from the AMS.
    • The Penn State lists of math journals.
    • Recent contents pages of many math and cs journals at le Bibliothèque Mathématique et Informatique de l'Université de Bordeaux. These are photographed and might not be very legible.
  • Preprint servers. 
  • Publishers (including selected publishers with major search engines). 
  • Lists from the AMS of, among others, printed and electronic journals that have sites on the Internet.
  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers, an all-subject listing.
  • A MathSciNet search can give you a list of mathematical articles from a specific journal. One search method: Click on a field-name box (e.g., “Author”) to change the field name to “Journal”. Then enter the journal name or abbreviation (recommended: use wild-card asterisks * as much as possible). This should give you a list of the articles from the journal that are indexed in Mathematical Reviews, from newest to oldest. Another method: Find an article from the journal and use that form of the title in your search.


Search by topic

  • The Math Archives of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
  • MathSearch by Jim Richardson (at the University of Sydney): a database of English-language Web pages in mathematics and statistics, searchable by keywords.
  • The Yahoo math page in the Yahoo index.
  • A broad collection of searchers from the CSC in Finland.


Societies and organizations

Societies and organizations


Finding people




Internet news and discussion groups


Employment, career, and fellowship information


Specialized fields


Divers diverse mathematical connections





Much of this information was collected by Matt Brin. I (Tom Zaslavsky) stole more from the Math Archives of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) and some from the invaluable links list at Penn State.

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