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Directions to the department

Getting to the campus

(You can also look at the University's directions for general visitors.)

Binghamton is located near the intersection of Interstate 81 and New York Highway 17 (the future Interstate 86). The University is most easily approached from Exit 70-S of Highway 17. See the area map.

After exiting Highway 17, take Route 201 South for about 2 miles, moving to the left lane as soon as you get on. Stay in the left lane to the end where you will be on the ramp to Route 434 East. Stay in the right lane on Route 434 and the first right turn available is the main entrance to the campus. You may obtain a campus map at the information booth just inside the campus.

The Google Map below shows driving routes from New York City to the visitor parking lot.

Parking Options

This campus map may be useful.

If you visit the campus between 5 p.m. Friday and midnight Sunday, then you do not need a parking permit to park at most of the surface parking lots on campus (except reserved spaces, or paid parking spaces).

Anyone parking on campus starting at 12:01 a.m. Monday through 5 p.m. Friday must display a valid parking permit or be parked in a paid parking space (the Parking Garage, the Paid Visitor's Lot or Metered Parking.) We recommend that you use the Parking Garage or the Paid Visitor's Lot. There are some Metered parking spaces across the campus whose availability is unpredictable.

  • Paid Visitor's Lot: Note that for traditional reasons (perhaps because ​the main roads resemble the outline of a cranium ​and brain stem), the campus ​map is always presented with north on the bottom. The visitors' ​parking ​lot is just outside the circular road from the library building ​(look for it around ​the central area just on top of the circle).
  • Parking Garage: The Parking Garage is located at the bottom-left side, just inside the “brain” circle on the map.

Whitney Hall

The department is located in Whitney Hall, which faces the C4 center, just inside the loop road. It is within walking distance from the visitor parking lot (about 8-9 minutes). See the Google Map below showing several walking routes.

Other maps

This Google Map style campus map might be useful as well.

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