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Vladislav Kargin – Associate Professor; At Binghamton since 2015
Areas of Interest: Probability theory, especially in connections with mathematical physics, combinatorics and algorithm theory.

Phone: (347) 468-0342
Office hours: MWF 3:30PM - 4:30PM; Zoom ID 949 5616 9870

Teaching (“Please Do Not Shoot the Pianist. He Is Doing His Best.”)

In Fall 2020 I am teaching:

- Math 447: Intro to Probability (Syllabus and a link to Piazza course page)

- Math 530: Linear Algebra for Statisticians (Syllabus and Piazza link).

The materials for the courses that I teach can be found at the Piazza website: Piazza

Publications and some Unpublished Stuff (Lecture Notes, Technical Reports etc.)


My Erdős number is 4: $\to$ Gerard Ben Arous $\to$ Daniel Strook $\to$ Persi Diaconis $\to$ Paul Erdős.

My Einstein number is 5: $\to$ Gerard Ben Arous $\to$ Stefano Olla $\to$ Joel Lebowitz $\to$ Peter Bergmann $\to $ Albert Einstein.

A small bit from my math genealogy: G

My Facebook page

Info for undergraduate students who want a letter from me.

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