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This year the Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference

will be held online

May 28 - 29, June 4 - 5, 2021

Time alloted per talk

  • All posted times are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) i.e. UTC-4
  • Talks will occur at 40 minutes intervals. Each talk will be 20 minutes, preceded by 5 minutes technical setup, and followed by 10 minutes Q&A. There will be a 5 minutes break between talks.
  • The times posted below indicate the beginning of each 20 minutes talk.
  • Each day there will be three blocks of three talks each.
  • The blocks run 9:00-11:00AM, 12:00-2:00PM 3:00-5:00PM (EDT)
  • There will be one Zoom meeting for each block of 3 talks (morning/midday/afternoon EDT)
  • ZOOM IDs for the different blocks will be posted a few days in advance.
  • The ZOOM meeting each morning/midday/afternoon will open 15 minutes before the first talk setup, i.e. 8:45 AM, 11:45 AM, and 2:45 PM.

Here is the detailed program with abstracts.

Zassenhaus Conference Main Website

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