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Overview of undergraduate courses for math majors. An overview of undergraduate courses in the math department, excluding some non-major courses, shows the prerequisite dependency between courses. Please refer to the University Bulletin for the exact requirements for the degree.

Calculus at Binghamton


The Mathematics Department at Binghamton offers a three semester sequence in Calculus (Math 224/225, Math 226/227 and Math 323), as well as a course in Calculus designed for business majors (Math 220). You can also take Math 223/224 for your first semester of the Calculus sequence. Students who want to take Math 223/224, Math 224/225, or Math 220 must pass the Calculus Placement Test, which covers basic precalculus mathematics. Those students who require more background before taking Math 223/224, Math 224/225 or Math 220 can take our Precalculus course, Math 108. There is no placement exam requirement to take Math 108.

Here are some more details, and links for further information:

  • Introduction to Calculus (Math 223) This is an introductory course in preparation for Math 224 “Differential Calculus”. This is a 2 credit (half semester) course covering precalculus, limits, rates of change, and the derivative. This course is only offered in the fall. The prerequisite is a passing grade on the Placement Test.
  • Calculus I (Math 224/225) This is the first course in Calculus, covering limits, differentiation, and integration. This course is split into two half-semester courses, Math 224 “Differential Calculus” and Math 225 “Integral Calculus”. The prerequisite for Math 224 is a passing grade on the Placement Test or a grade of a C- or better in Math 223 (Introduction to Calculus). The prerequisite for Math 225 is a grade of a C- or better in Math 224.
    • The Placement Test A passing grade on this test is a prerequisite for Math 224, Math 223, or Math 220. Follow this link for more information about the test, including a “self-evaluation” form of the test that you can take at home.
  • Calculus II (Math 226/227) This covers more integration techniques and applications, sequences, and infinite series. Prerequisite is Calculus I.
  • Calculus III (Math 323) Multi-variable and vector calculus. Prerequisite is Calculus II.
  • Calculus for Business and Management (Math 220) Topics in Calculus, primarily for School of Management students and for economics majors in the BS specialization in financial economics. This course will not be accepted as a prerequisite for Calculus II (Math 226/227). Prerequisite is a passing grade on the Placement Test.
  • Algebra and Trigonometry (Math 108) This is the Precalculus course. It is recommended for students who do not have adequate preparation for Calculus.
  • The Math Help Rooms offer free mathematics help most weekdays in Whitney Hall.
Honors Calculus

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is pleased to continue the Honors Calculus course. Click Honors Calculus for a flyer of the course. The course number is Math 230. It is run independent of the regular calculus series.

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