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Linear Algebra - Math 304

Fall 2018 - Under Construction

Section Instructor Office Phone e-mail Meets Room
1 Rossi WH- rossi 8:00-9:30 LH-12
2 Quincy LoneyWH- quincy9:40-11:10 LH-12
3 Adrian Vasiu WH-111 777-6036 adrian 11:20-12:50 LH-12
4 Thomas Zaslavsky WH-216 777-2201 zaslav1:10-2:40 LH-12
5 Alex Feingold WH-115 777-2465 alex2:50-4:20 LH-12
6 Alex Feingold WH-115 777-2465 alex4:40-6:10 LH-12

Click on the section number to get to a web-page for that section (if there is one).

Here is the detailed syllabus for all sections with course rules that you should know.

Three evening exams during the semester, and a Final Exam during final exams week, will be scheduled. Details are as follows:

Exam 1: Wed, Sept 26, 8:30 - 10:00 PM, LH-1 and LH-14 (Uncertain, will be set by August 15)

Exam 2: Wed, Oct 31, 8:30 - 10:00 PM, LH-1 and LH-14 (Uncertain, will be set by August 15)

Exam 3: Wed, Nov 28, 8:30 - 10:00 PM, LH-1 and LH-14 (Uncertain, will be set by August 15)

Final Exam: TBA

(Please arrive 10 minutes early for each exam to allow time for seating, and always bring your university id.

Help room

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a help room for Math 304. A link to the schedule for the help room will be posted here. Here


Here are some short notes for the course written by Prof. Mazur.


Online homework will be done using WebWork.

Homework 0, intended to familiarize you with the program, will be posted by the first day of the course.

Your WebWork account username is the pre@ portion of your e-mail account. Your initial password is the same as the username. Make sure to change it as soon as possible to a secure password, and save that choice where it will not be lost.

For example, if your Binghamton e-mail account is then

  • username: xyzw77
  • password: xyzw77

Login to WebWork now, and change your password. If you registered after ????, you have to send an e-mail to with subject “WebWork” and provide your first and last name, Binghamton e-mail address and section number in order to have an account on WebWork.


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