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Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference

Hans Zassenhaus In the 1960s, Hans Zassenhaus (1912 - 1991) began the Zassenhaus Group Theory Conference series as a place where any mathematician could come and talk about his/her work, meet with colleagues, and talk about math. The conference series has changed names slightly over the years, but the tradition continues – group theorists come together with universal algebraists, loop theorists, combinatorialists, and other researchers each year to talk about mathematics at the Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference.

The 2024 Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference will be held at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, May 31–June, 2024. Visit the Zassenhaus 2024 page for more information.

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The permanent organizing committee:

  • Tuval Foguel (, Adelphi University
  • Fernando Guzman (, Binghamton University (emeritus)
  • Luise Kappe (, Binghamton University (emeritus)
  • Zekeriya (Yalcin) Karatas (, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
  • Arturo Magidin (, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
  • Hung Tong-Viet (, Binghamton University

Since 2015 Binghamton University has become the anchor site for the Zassenhaus Conference, by hosting it every two years on odd years. On even years we meet at alternative sites. Due to the pandemic, in 2020 and 2021 we held the conference in virtual form. In 2022 we held a hybrid conference, with an online portion and an in-person portion at Hofstra University

Recent past conference sites:

Zassenhaus 2023, June 3 – June 4, 2023

Zassenhaus 2022, online May 27–29, Hofstra University in-person June 3–5

Zassenhaus 2021, May 28–29, June 4–5

Zassenhaus 2020, May 29–30, June 5–6

Zassenhaus 2019, May 31–June 2

Zassenhaus 2017, May 26–28

Zassenhaus 2015, May 22–24


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