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This year the Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference

will be held online

May 29 - 30, June 5 - 6, 2020

Time alloted per talk

  • All posted times are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) i.e. UTC-4
  • Talks will occur at 45 minutes intervals. Each talk will be 20 minutes, preceded by 10 minutes technical setup, and followed by 10 minutes Q&A. There will be a 5 minutes break between talks.
  • The times posted below indicate the beginning of each 20 minutes talk.
  • There will be one Zoom meeting for each block of 4 talks (morning/afternoon)
  • IDs for the second weekend, i.e. June 5 - 6, will be posted next week.
  • The ZOOM meeting each morning/afternoon will open 15 minutes before the first talk setup, i.e. 8:45 AM and 1:45 PM.

Friday, May 29, Morning
Speaker Title Time(EDT)Zoom ID number
Noelia Rizo "On Thompson's normal $p$-complement theorem"9:10 AM Expired
María Dolores Pérez-Ramos"Thompson-like characterization of solubility for products of groups"9:55 AM
Patrizia Longobardi "On the structure of some locally nilpotent groups without contranormal subgroups"10:40 AM
Arnold Feldman "Extension of Carter subgroups and injectors in finite $\pi$-separable groups"11:25 AM
Friday, May 29, Afternoon
Nicholas Werner "Covering Numbers of Rings, Part 1" 2:10 PM Expired
Eric Swartz "Covering Numbers of Rings, Part 2"2:55 PM
Casey Donoven "Intersection Numbers of Semigroups"3:40 PM
Aram Bingham "Bruhat posets of Hermitian-type symmetric spaces"4:25 PM
Saturday, May 30, Morning
Mark Sapir "On groups with quadratic Dehn function" 9:10 AM Expired
Matt Zaremsky "Geometric embeddings into simple groups" 9:55 AM
Rob Spahn "Introduction to Braided Brin-Thompson Groups"10:40 AM
Inna Sysoeva "Irreducible representations of braid groups" 11:25 AM
Saturday, May 30, Afternoon
Anthony Evans "The existence problem for strong mappings of groups" 2:10 PM Expired
Bret Benesh "The spectrum of nim-values of a game on finite groups" 2:55 PM
Andrew Latham "$\pi$-submaximal subgroups of finite non-abelian simple groups" (pdf) 3:40 PM
Kenneth Johnson "Issai Schur: His influence in group theory and other areas" 4:25 PM
Friday, June 05, Morning
Viji Thomas "Schurs Exponent Conjecture" 9:10 AM Expired
Ammu Elizabeth Antony "Toward Schur's Exponent Conjecture" 9:55 AM
Patali Komma "The Schur's exponent conjecture for $p$-groups of nilpotency class $p$ (pdf)" 10:40 AM
Farrokh Shirjian "The Huppert conjecture revisited" (pdf) 11:25 AM
Friday, June 05, Afternoon
Douglas Brozovic "An Introduction to sharp permutation groups" 2:10 PM Expired
Jonathan Doane "Classifying primal algebras by subalgebra posets" 2:55 PM
Moshe Cohen "Using lower central series to find Zariski pairs of line arrangements" 3:40 PM
Mark Lewis "On solvable groups with one vanishing class size" 4:25 PM
Saturday, June 06, Morning
Ramazan Yasar "On the Modules in which semisimple fully invariant submodules are essential in summands" 9:10 AM Expired
Alexandr Grishkov "Burnside type problem for groups and loops" 9:55 AM
Jay Zimmerman "Vertex-minimal graphs with non-abelian 2-group symmetry"(pdf) 10:40 AM
Jorg Feldvoss "Leibniz Central Extensions of Modular Lie Algebras"11:25 AM
Saturday, June 06, Afternoon
Mohammad Shatnawi "The Transfer Homomorphism for Profinite Groups" 2:10 PM Expired
Ryan McCulloch Semidirect Products and the Chermak-Delgado Lattice" 2:55 PM
William Cocke "Proof by Example" 3:40 PM
Shawn Burkett "A Frobenius group analog for Camina triples" 4:25 PM

Here is the detailed program with abstracts.

Zassenhaus Conference Main Website

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