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Business Calculus


McKenzie Website

The course coordinator posts daily homeworks, videos, and solutions on the above site. Check the MATH 220 link.

Supplemental Material

Extra worksheets, videos, and the like can be found at the site above.


Derivative Worksheet

The worksheet is not useful for understanding the derivative, but may be useful for drill; it consists of a lot of functions which you can differentiate.

First Derivative Exploration Worksheet

This worksheet is meant to be a somewhat guided exploration of the derivative as a sort of 'best' constant approximation to (change in output)/(change in input).

Curve Sketching - First Derivative

Curve Sketching - Second Derivative

Two papers which explain well how to use the first and second derivatives to sketch the graph of a function. Both include many good exercises.

A Curve Sketching Note

A note which briefly covers each part involved in a curve sketching problem.

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