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Chapters 1, 2, 3 of text

Chapters 4, 5, 6 of text

Homework for the night of (due the following class day):

Thurs Jan 19 Read Sec 1 and Sec 2; do problems Sec 1, p 5, 1, 2, 7, 8; Sec 2, pp 15-16, 1-13

Fri Jan 20 Read Sec 3 and Sec 4; do problems Sec 3, pp 26-27

View Break even problem 1, Break even problem 2 : Use derivative to find eqn of tangent line Ex 1 and Ex 2

Mon Jan 23 Quiz on Sec 1, 2, 3 will be Wednesday.

Read Sec 4 again. Some helpful videos.

Solving exponential equations without and with logs

3 examples of solving exponential equations

Example solving logarithmic equations

Another example solving logarithmic equations

Do p 43 #1-5, 8 b e f g, 10 a c e f, 11 e f h, 12, 14 b, 17 a, 20 d e, 21 b d f

Wed Jan 25 Read Sec 5 and view comprehensive video lecture on compound interest problems:

Compound interest problems

The value of a loan or investment over time can be given by P(t) or A(t). Both stress functionality with respect to time.

Do Sec 5 p 56 #1-7

An interesting video is Understanding the number e (exponential growth).

Thurs Jan 26 Do Sec 5 p 56 #1-7.

Refer to Interest formula summary.

Another good interest video is found at Tarrou's interest lecture

Read Sec 6 Limits and go to videos to view the video on limits. Do neat work and box your final answer. You don't have to print the pdf; loose leaf is fine. Fri-Sun Jan 27-29 After looking over Friday's notes and rereading Sec 6, do Problems Sec 6 p 66 #1-12 all and #16-30 even. These videos are helpful.

Basic ideas of limits

Finding limits from a graph

Evaluate limits using properties, Ex 1 and Ex 2

More techniques for evaluating limits, Ex 1, Ex 2, Ex 3

Infinite limits in which a function goes to positive infinity or negative infinity as x approaches a.

Mon-Tues Jan 30-31 :!: Test 1 will be on Wed Feb 8. It will cover Sections 1-9 of the book.

Read Sec 7 and Sec 8. Go to Videos and view all for this section. Many examples fully worked.

Do Sec 7 p 72 #1, 2, 3

Wed Feb 1 Reread Sec 8; do p 78 #1, 2, 3, 4

The skill is to find the equation of the line tangent to some curve f(x) at a given value of x, using the derivative and point-slope form of a line.

DUE THURS: Take-home quiz, as handed out today. The guidelines for take-home assignments (unless otherwise stated) are these:

  • You may use your notes and text, and even the videos.
  • Work independently (no study partner or tutor may help you).
  • Work neatly and staple or use paper clip on multiple pages.

No late quizzes will be accepted, so be sure you are present to hand it in. I aim to give it back on Friday so you have it to study.

Though you may use notes, the length of this quiz is about half the length of the exam, so aim for a half hour. If that isn't happening, you know what you need to prepare more over the weekend.

Thurs Feb 2 Read Sec 9. View all three Videos on continuity.

Do Sec 9 pp 84-85 #1 a-e, 2 a-d, 4, 5, 6

Fri-Sun Feb 3-5 These three statements must be satisfied if a function for f(x) to be continuous at a in the domain of f:

f(a) exists

lim f(x) = L as x approaches a

f(a) = L

Prepare questions on Sections 1-9 for a review class on Monday. Review the videos where you had problems or weak understanding. A concise list of skills/topics will be posted here for your reference.

8-O Exam 1 is Wednesday.

Mon-Tues Feb 6-7 Study for Exam 1 Secs. 1-9 topics

Do page 1 only of this Cost/revenue/profit pdf

Here are some extra videos on finding this type of function: Cost/revenue/profit 1, Cost/revenue/profit 2 and Cost/revenue/profit 3

Wed Feb 8 Read Sec 10

Thurs Feb 9 Do p 92 #1-6, #8-10

Read the supplemental: Overview of derivatives as marginal functions, with illustrative example

Fri-Sun Feb 10-12 Read Sec 11; do pp 97-98 #1, 2 b c f g l m, 3 a-d, f l m, n, #4 a, #6

Check out the Derivative videos and synopsis

Do Sec 10, p 93 #15, 16; Sec 11, pp 98-99 #7, 13 c e f g h j m

Mon-Tues Feb 13-14 Read Sec 12; watch the video again (read my synopsis on the Video page). Also, view

Implicit differentiation

You might not understand this topic fully. It's a flip learning night.

Go back to Sec 10 and do on pp 92-93 #11, 12, 13

Wed Feb 15 Do problems in Sec 12 p 107 #2, 4, 5

Read Sec 13.

Thurs Feb 16 Study for Friday quiz on Secs. 10, 11, 12.

Do Sec 13 #1, 2, 3, 4, 8

Read Sec 14 (related rates) and view the related rate videos (read my synopsis on the Video page).

Related rates 1: Area of circle and changing radius rate

Related rates 2: Area of triangle and changing side length rate

Fri Feb 17 Related rates 3: Ladder sliding down the wall problem

Mon Feb 20 Read Sec 14 again and videos again. Add Cost and profit with respect to time

Do pp 121-122 #1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14

Read Sec 15. View:

Finding critical numbers of a fcn

First derivative test

Wed Feb 22 View Second derivative test and concavity

Do pp 130-131 #2, 4 a-g

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