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Statistics Seminar

The seminar meets on Thursdays, from 1:15pm to 2:40pm, in WH-100E.
The seminar is also offered as MATH 567, Seminar in Statistics, Section 01.
Organizer: Qiqing Yu

Previous semesters:

See also: Data Science Seminar and the Capstone Seminar.

Fall 2018

  • August 30
    Speaker: Anton Schick (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Estimation of the error distribution function in a varying coefficient regression model
  • September 6
    Speaker: Wenbo Wang (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Learning Least Ambiguous Set-Valued Classifiers with Multi-class Support Vector Machine
  • September 13
    Speaker: Chen Liang (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Robust Permutation Tests For Correlation And Regression Coefficients
  • September 20
    Speaker: Shaofei Zhao (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Marginal distribution method to test generalized linear model
  • November 15
    Speaker: Kexuan Li (Binghamton University)
    Topic: A proof of optimality of the Sequential Probability Ratio Test
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