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Statistics Seminar

The Statistics seminar aims to cover topics from all areas of statistics both from a traditional perspective but also from a more data science perspective. The seminar is also offered as MATH 567, Seminar in Statistics, Section 01.

Location: Whitney 100E (See the directions to the department)
Time: Thursdays, from 1:15 pm to 2:40 pm
Organizer: Qiqing Yu

See also: Data Science Seminar and the Capstone Seminar.

Previous organizer(s): Rakhi Singh

Spring 2024

  • February 8
    Speaker: Zhongyuan Zhao (Binghamton University)
    Title: Analytic Formulae for the Minimax Characteristics of the Generalized Shiryaev–Roberts Quickest Change-Point Detection Procedure under Exponential Observations
  • February 15
    Speaker: Wenshu Dai (Binghamton University)
    Title: The mixture of logistic t multinomial models (continued)
  • February 22
    Speaker: Bruce Phillips (Binghamton University)
    Distributed Estimation of Principal Eigenspaces.
  • February 29
    Speaker: Xinghai Zhang (Binghamton University)
    Title: Semiparametric Proximal Causal Inference
  • March 7
    No seminar
  • March 14
    Speaker: Geran Zhao (Binghamton University)
    Title: EDTER: Edge Detection with Transformer
  • March 21
    Speaker: Jingze Liu (Binghamton University)
    Title: Continuous Treatment Effect Estimation via Generative Adversarial De-confounding
  • March 28
    Speaker: Baozhen Wang (Binghamton University)
    Title: Conformal Meta-learners for Predictive Inference of Individual Treatment Effects
  • April 4
    Speaker: Praveen Niranda (Binghamton University)
    Title: Robust estimation for ordinary differential equation models
  • April 11
    Speaker: Yangsheng Wang (Binghamton University)
    Title: Regression trees for longitudinal data with baseline covariates
  • Apri 18
    Speaker: Zengyan Zhang (Binghamton University)
    Title: Computational modeling of cell migration in microfluidic channel
  • April 25
    No seminar
  • May 2
    Speaker: Zhou Wang (Binghamton University)
    Title: Set-valued Classification and Conformal Prediction in Out-of-distribution Detection and Bandit Feedback Settings
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