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Data Science Seminar

The Data Science Seminar is evolved from the former Statistical Machine Learning Seminar which covered topics in statistical theory that was important for machine learning research as well as development and applications of machine learning techniques in interdisciplinary research. The scope of the Data Science Seminar has been broadened to facilitate dialogue among different communities in the data science circle.

It is listed as course MATH 568.

Location: Whitney 100E (See the directions to the department)
Time: Tuesday 12–1
Organizer: Ganggang Xu

See also the Statistics Seminar.
An internal Machine Learning Working Group meeting is held when no seminar talk is scheduled.
See Previous talks in the Data Science Seminar and even earlier talks.

Fall 2017

  • September 19
    Speaker: Dan Yang (Rutgers University)
    Topic: Autoregressive Model for Matrix Valued Time Series
  • September 26
    Speaker: Ji Meng Loh (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
    Topic: Single-index model for inhomogeneous spatial point processes
  • November 14
    Speaker: Weijie Su (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
    Topic: TBA
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