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Qiqing Yu

Ph.D., 1986, University of California at Los Angeles
At Binghamton since 1995

Areas of Interest: Statistics
Summary of research interests

Phone: (607) 777-4634
Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Office: WH 132
  • Office hours:
  • Courses:
    • Spring 2019

      Math 452 Section 01 : Life Contingency Models II
      MWF 2:30 - 4:00 CW-213
    • Summer 2019

  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Junyi Dong, Spring, 2018
      Thesis: Marginal Distribution Method for Checking Regression Model Assumption
    • Qinggang Diao, Spring, 2016
      Thesis: Cox Proportional Hazards Model with Time-Dependent Covariates
    • Jiahui Li, Spring, 2012
      Thesis: Nonparametric Estimation with Right-Censored and Masked Competing Risks Data
    • Yu-Ting Hsu, Spring, 2011
      Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Firm Interdependence Using Duration Data
    • Jiaping Wang, Fall, 2009
      Thesis: The Generalized MLE with the Censored and Masked Competing Risks Data
    • Cuixian Chen, Summer, 2007
      Thesis: Asymptotic Properties of the Buckley-James Estimator for a Bivariate Interval Censorship Regression Model
    • Fanhui Kong, Summer, 2005
      Thesis: Asymptotic Distributions of Buckley-James Estimator
    • Xueqin Wang, Summer, 2003
      Thesis: The Properties of the Theil-Sen Estimator
    • Shaohua Yu, Summer, 2000
      Thesis: Consistency of GMLE with Multivariate Mixed IC Data

Here's a link to my personal web page.

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