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Lecture Notes:

LN for Advanced Linear Algebra (Binghamton, MATH 530, Spring 2024)

LN for Linear Algebra for Statisticians (Binghamton, MATH 530, Fall 2022)

LN for Advanced Probability Theory (Binghamton, MATH 571, Fall 2019)

LN for Life Contingency Models I (Binghamton, Fall 2017)

LN for Life Contingency Models II (Binghamton, Spring 2017)

LN for Intro to Probability (Binghamton, Math 447, Spring 2022)

arxiv:1305.2153 Lecture Notes on Random Matrices (Joint with E. Yudovina)
(Lecture notes for U. of Cambridge Part III course, Michaelmas 2011)

arxiv:1305.2611 Lecture Notes on Free Probability
(Lecture notes for a graduate course at Stanford University, Spring 2009)

Notes (preprint/technical report style):

Quaternion Orthogonal Polynomials (February 2018)

A brief summary of properties of quaternion orthogonal polynomials.

Thesis for PhD in mathematics:

Thesis (2008) [Technically speaking it is published by ProQuest Dissertation Publishing]

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