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Discrete Math (Spring 2019)

This is the official website of math314-02-s19.1) Please read our syllabus

Our Midterm Exam is scheduled for 15 March 2019.

Here are documents on basic proof techniques and proof-writing style for your own reference.

General Information

Meetings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am - 9:30am in WH G02

Office Hours: Tuesday 10am - 1pm in WH236 (or by appointment in WH310)

Textbook: Mathematics for Computer Science (Lehman, Leighton, Meyer)

Grading: See the course syllabus for a grade distribution.

Content: Propositional logic, methods of proof, naive set theory, functions and relations, induction and recursion, counting, and basic graph theory.


W 23 Jan 2019: (Class 1)

  • Discussed Syllabus
  • Brief introduction to propositional logic (what is meant by the terms statement, connective, etc.)
  • HW: Read textbook section 3.1 (4 pages)

F 25 Jan 2019: (Class 2)

  • Translation of English statements into the formal language
  • Truth tables (optional: read textbook section 3.2)
  • Practice: problem set 1
  • HW: Read textbook sections 3.3 and 3.4 (2 pages and 5 pages)

M 28 Jan 2019: (Class 3)

  • Quiz: Truth table construction
  • Validity, satisfiability, and logical equivalence
  • Developed several basic equivalences of propositional statements.

W 30 Jan 2019: (Class 4)

F 1 Feb 2019: (Class 5)

  • Quantified predicate logic (textbook section 3.6)

M 4 Feb 2019: (Class 6)

  • Basics of sets (textbook section 4.1)
  • Example proofs involving sets (direct proof)

W 6 Feb 2019: (Class 7)

  • More proofs of set theoretic identities (proof by cases, proof via a string of equivalent statements).
  • Introduced general relations (lots of examples)
  • Defined equivalence relations
  • HW: Read about functions and relations for Friday's class (caution: I'm NOT following the textbook here!)

F 8 Feb 2019: (Class 8)

  • Equivalence relations (many examples)
  • Introduction to functions (defined injective, surjective, and bijective)
  • Written Homework 1: Complete this list of problems (Due 15 Feb 2019)

M 11 Feb 2019: (Class 9)

  • Quiz: Equivalence relations
  • Images and preimages, right and left inverses (many examples)
  • Various propositions, examples, and practice problems concerning functions
  • HW: Read textbook section 5.1 through section 5.1.4 (5 pages)

W 13 Feb 2019: (Class 10)

  • Quiz: Functions and equivalence relations
  • Relationship between functions inverses and injectivity, surjectivity, and bijectivity
  • Introduction to the Principle of Mathematical Induction (textbook section 5.1.1-5.1.4)

F 15 Feb 2019: (Class 11)

  • Quiz: Induction and Well Ordering
  • More proofs by induction
  • A false proof by induction (to illustrate the importance of the base case)!
  • Number Theory: Properties of Divisibility (textbook section 9.1.1)

HEADS UP: There might be some approximation error in anything labeled “Future”.

M 18 Feb 2019: (Class 12–Future)

  • Fibonacci numbers and relations therebetween (more induction proofs!)

W 20 Feb 2019: (Class 13–Future)

  • The Quotient-Remainder Theorem (i.e. the Division Algorithm, i.e. textbook Theorem 9.1.4 “The Division Theorem”)
  • Modular arithmetic

F 22 Feb 2019: (Class 14–Future)

  • Minimal criminal (i.e. induction again!)
  • Euclid's Lemma and the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
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