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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers three BA degree tracks, two BS degree tracks, and one minor. The BA provides undergraduates with comprehensive exposure to the different areas of mathematics and statistics and their applications. The BS degree requires challenging coursework for undergraduates planning advanced study. Here is an overview of our various programs.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences, with
    • a track in Mathematics,
    • a track in Statistics, and
    • a track in Actuarial Science.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences, with
    • a track in Mathematics, and
    • a track in Actuarial Science.
  • Minor in Mathematics

We offer various accelerated 4+1 degree programs, allowing students to obtain a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years.

Degree Requirements

Read the University Bulletin for the official descriptions of the undergraduate programs, major requirements, and minor requirements. The requirements depend on the student's catalog year. Go to DegreeWorks and find out your catalog year near the top-right corner, next to “Academic Year”.

There are specific requirements on the grades and prerequisite. Please review these requirements carefully.

In addition to the major/minor requirements, the current Harpur College requirements can be found on this webpage.

Declare, Drop, and Change Major/Minor

To declare or drop a major or minor, fill in this Google Form.

To change from one major to another, simply drop the old major, then declare the new one.

Any student wishing to declare a major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics needs to be admitted to Harpur College of Arts and Sciences first; otherwise, the declaration can not be processed.

Note that a student may earn a maximum of one major from the same department. For example, no one can double major in mathematics and actuarial science, or a BA degree in Mathematics and a BS degree in Mathematics, etc. However, students are encouraged to explore double major options with a major from a different department.

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Mathematics Teachers

For students interested in becoming mathematics teachers, Binghamton offers a few options, ranging from BA/BS in Mathematics to Master of Arts in Teaching. Here is more information about preparing future math teachers.

Forms for Undergraduates

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Course Selection

To plan coursework effectively, mathematics and statistics students should consider both prerequisite dependencies between courses and the semester in which a course is offered. Prerequisites are particularly important in our field, and some courses are only available in certain semesters. Failing to account for these details could result in a student being unable to take required courses and potentially delaying graduation.

In exceptional cases, students may request a temporary waiver of prerequisites during the advance registration purposes using the Prerequisite Exception Request Form on the website. However, proof of passing the prerequisite course is typically required at the start of the semester to remain enrolled in the class.


Transfer Credits

Honors, Awards and Scholarships

Read about honors, awards, and scholarships that we award the excellence among our students.

Student Organizations and Activities

Read about the various organizations that our student frequently engaged in.

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