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Double major and minor

Many students have broad and diversified academic interests. Sometimes, these could be pursued through double-major or major-minor combinations. For example,

  • double major in BA Actuarial Science and a minor, BA, or BS in Economics (several of these degrees heavily overlap with the Actuarial Science track);
  • major in BA Mathematics and minor in Computer Science (You need to consult the CS department for their minor program);
  • major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics.

Many students challenge themselves by enrolling in the double degree / double major program which results in two degrees or two majors from two schools in the university. For example, a student can obtain a BS degree in Business Administration from the School of Management and a BA degree in Mathematics (Actuarial Science track); or he/she can obtain a degree in computer science from the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science and a degree in mathematics. More information about the double degree / double major program can be found in this website.

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