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Week Dates Sections
1 Jan 23-25 Inequalities and Absolute Values
2.2Limit of a Function (intuitive) & Calculating Limits
2 Jan 28-Feb 1 (Add Deadline is Monday, 1/28)2.3Calculating Limits
3.1Derivatives and Rates of Change
3 Feb 4-8 (Drop Deadline Monday, Feb 4) 3.2Derivative as a Function
3.3 Differentiation Formulas
3.5Trig Review & Derivatives of Trig Functions
4 Feb 11-153.6Chain Rule
EXAM 1All exams in class
5 Feb 18-223.8Implicit Differentiation
3.4Rates of Change in Science
4.1Related Rates
6 Feb 25-March 1 (Withdraw Deadline is Thursday Feb 28) 4.1Related Rates
4.3Maximum & Minimum Values
4.5How Derivatives Affect the Shape of a Graph
7 Mar 4-8 4.6Limits at Infinity
4.6Curve Sketching
4.6More Curve Sketching
8 Mar 11-15Review for Final
Final ExamFinal Exam covers all topics from the course but with focus on sections 2.6-3.5
No ClassMath 224 is over

Math 225 Begins Monday, March 25

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