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All homework, in both text and WebAssign

Math 224/225 Syllabus

Math 224/225 Homepage

Links to the Daily Warm-up videos/slides in Math 224/225 Home Page linked in Daily HW below, as needed.

Here is the schedule of topics and test dates

DAILY HOMEWORK The boldface day indicates the day an assignment is given. The assumption is you will have attempted most of it and have questions for me in class.

Warm up videos and focus problems are also found in the links at the Math 224/225 Homepage

Log into WebAssign each day to see videos, do warm up exercises, and any graded homework by the due date. You'll also see prompts in Daily Homework below for this.

A note about WebAssign ​Generally, you will have 5 attempts on each WebAssign problem in the graded homeworks, with the exception of multiple choice, where you may have just one or two. For T/F, just the one!

On Skills Tests you do not get multiple attempts at each problem, but you can retake each test three times in the availability period.


Fri – I assigned the following:

1. Do 'Diagnostic Tests A, B and C' on pages xxvi-xxx (front of book). Check your answers and do the reviews which the book suggests, found in the book itself or on Stewart's website .

2. If you have not done so already, read 'Appendix A' (in the back of your book), and do the absolute value problems there (we did several on Wednesday).

3. Assigned in class–Read Chapter 1.5 (Intuitive limits) and 1.6 (Calculating limits).

Do 1.5 Exercises, pp 59-61: #1-9 odd, 11, 12, 17, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 40, 46

4. View the Limit videos “The Limit of a Function” and “Limit Laws” at Chapter 1 Warm Up Videos

Do Slides, which are on the videos on the site.


Mon Re-read Chapter 1.6. Watch the Limit videos again.

Start 1.6 Exercises, p 70: #1-32 odd

Read Chapter 1.8 and view the videos for Chapter 1.8 “Continuity” at Chapter 1 Warm Up Videos

Do Slides, which are on the videos on the site.

Tues Log into WebAssign. If you have not done so already, please do the the first line “Getting Started” and the third line “Appendix A”. These are not graded, but they get you trained in the interface, and there is content in Appendix A, the absolute value, which we did the first day.

Wed Finish 1.6 Exercises, p 70: #1-32 odd

Read 1.4 and 2.1 and view corresponding videos in Chapter 1 Warm Up Videos and Chapter 2 Warm Up Videos

Your first graded assignment in WebAssign is due Sept 1.

Fri Start with these videos on limits:

Absolute value limit 1

Absolute value limit 2

Conjugate of radical limit

Examples using laws of limits

And finally, a good Summary video with many examples

Squeeze theorem

And finally, this one, which has several examples, but you can watch till you get the hang of it:

Limits of trig fcns using limit of (sin x)/x

Re-read 2.1. View “Tangents, Derivatives, and Rates of Change” in Chapter 2 Warm Up Videos


Mon No Class Labor Day. Drop Deadline is Wednesday, Sept 4. Keep working on 1.4 and 2.1.

Tues 8-O Read Ch 2.2 Derivative as a Function & Differentiation Formulas

Watch first three Ch 2 Warm Up Videos AGAIN! “Differentiation Formulas”, “Trig Derivatives”, “Chain Rule”

Stay on top of WebAssign!

Begin App D, Diagnostic test on Trig Functions

Wed We'll review all the big ideas so far, and get deep into derivative rules so we can compute derivatives.

Do the Warm-Up on WebAssign for Skills Test 1

QUIZ FRIDAY: A few limits, continuity, domain of functions, solve absolute value equation and/or inequality, slope of tangent as derivative of function (meaning limit of difference quotient). Short!

Fri Catch up on reading Ch 2.3 and 2.4 (differentiation formulas, algebraic through trigonometric functions)

Please watch the rest of the Ch 2 videos up to Chain Rule , and look at the slides.

8-O You might want to print the slides so you can write on them and fix your errors when we go over them in class.


Mon Read Ch 2.5. Do Warm ups and slides and have questions for me tomorrow on past slides and any trig questions, including precalc type questions.

You should have done the App D Trig Diagnostic Test in Stewart. Now check against the Complete Solutions to Diagnostic Tests

8-O EXAM 1 is on SEPT 16 8-O It covers through Ch 2.5 Chain Rule, which is our last topic, to be covered Wed.

Archived quizzes for practice These are not comprehensive of the exam, but a good barometer of your ability to sit for the formal in-class exam.

Please do independently without notes (till you get truly stuck) and bring in for review day on Friday. I will add an archived trig and chain rule quiz tomorrow.

Archived quiz 1

Archived quiz 2a

Archived quiz 2b

Wed Chain rule is the lecture, as well as trig derivative slides.

Finish the archived quizzes and any warm ups on the schedule. Be ready with questions on Friday Review. After doing the chain rule slides, we will go over archived quizzes and older slides.

8-) Mini-quiz on Friday on using limit of DQ definition for f'(x) to find a derivative of a given f(x); question on piecewise function and discontinuity/continuity; find eqn of line tangent to a graph at a given point.

Fri Do the in-class that became a Take-home quiz. Hand in Monday (NO LATES ACCEPTED).

Big ideas, Exam 1

“From the Math 224/225 course website, here are several exams from previous semesters, to give you a sense of what types of problems have been asked in semesters past. Exams this semester may not bear much similarity to these:”

Solutions to 224 Exam 1, Sept 19, 2016

Solutions to 224 Exam 1, Spring 2016

Solutions to 224 Exam 1, Fall 2015


At Stewart e-book, where the answers for some appear when you click on the box under the question.

Appendix A #1-12 odd, 43-45

Ch 1.6 #1, 2, 11-31 (odd is ok), #41-46 ALL (important limits of abs value fcns)

Ch 1.8 #1-8 and 15-22, 39, 40

Ch 2.1 #10-15, 17-35 odd, 47-55 odd

Ch 2.2 #3, 19-29 odd, esp for domain (you can do the derivative using the appropriate rule rather than definition), #30 is important function to graph, though we aren't sketching yet it's a transformation of sq rt x, #39-42 ALL, 49, #57, 62

Ch 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 are the derivative rules (power, prod, quot, trig, chain). Choose as many as you feel you still need from the computation exercises for extra practice


Mon Recovered from Exam 1? Read Ch 2.6 and 2.7 and watch the relevant Chapter 2 Warm Up Videos on Implicit Differentiation and Rates of Change in Sciences

Stay current on WebAssign

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