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This year the Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference

will be held online

May 28 - 29, June 4 - 5, 2021

Schedule and ZOOM link to talks (TEMP PAGE)

First Weekend
Friday, May 28, Morning Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Michael Barry "A new algorithm for decomposing modular tensor products"8:40 AM
Carmine Monetta "Series of a construction related to the non-abelian tensor square of groups"9:15 AM
Vicent Pérez Calabuig "On the computability of the abelian kernel of an inverse semigroup"9:50 AM
Juan Martínez Madrid "On the order of products of elements in finite groups"10:25 AM
Friday, May 28, Midday Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Gareth Jones "Permutation groups of prime degree: still an open problem"12:00 NN
Anthony Evans "The existence problem for strong complete mappings of finite groups "12:35 PM
Wil Cocke "Some thoughts on subnormal depth (part 1)"1:10 PM
Ryan McCulloch "Chains of normalizers of subnormal subgroups (part 2)"1:45 PM
Friday, May 28, Afternoon Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Kenneth Johnson "q-circulants"3:20 PM
Bret Benesh "A game on Zn"3:55 PM
Jorg Feldvoss "Semi-simple Leibniz algebra "4:30 PM
Dustin Story "Determining synchronization of certain classes of primitive groups of affine type"5:05 PM
Saturday, May 29, Morning Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Adnan Tercan "Extending modules and related concepts "8:40 AM
Ramazan Yasar "Weak versions of extending modules"9:15 AM
Viji Thomas "On a theorem of Schur"9:50 AM
Patrizia Longobardi "A new criterion for solvability of a finite group"10:25 AM
Saturday, May 29, Midday Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Maria Ferrara "Groups whose proper subgroups are either abelian or pronormal "12:00 NN
Patali Komma "Non-inner automorphisms of order p in 2-generator finite p-groups "12:35 PM
Ekaterina Kompantseva "Absolute ideals of torsion-free groups of finite rank" 1:10 PM
Shawn Burkett "Partial GVZ-groups"1:45 PM
Saturday, May 29, Afternoon Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Rachel Skipper "Maximal subgroups of Thompson’s groups V"3:20 PM
Matt Zaremsky "Finiteness properties of normal subgroups of the Stein group F2,3"3:55 PM
Mark Sapir "Closed subgroups of the R. Thompson group F"4:30 PM
Zoran Sunic "Laconic semigroups, laconic varieties, and the membership problem"5:05 PM
Second Weekend
Friday, June 04, Morning Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Xueyu Pan "Groups of small order type"8:40 AM
Ana Martínez-Pastor "On products of π-decomposable groups and Hall-like theorems"9:15 AM
Carmen Melchor "Products of classes which are a union of two classes"9:50 AM
Santiago Barrera Acevedo "Cocyclic Hadamard matrices of order 4p"10:25 AM
Friday, June 04, Midday Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Agota Figula "Stenier loops of affine type"12:00 NN
Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda "The Muller-Schupp theorem for special monoids"12:35 PM
Alexandre Grishkov "Group of right multiplications of free Bol loop of exponent two "1:10 PM
Jonathan Doane "Affine duality, indeed"1:45 PM
Friday, June 04, Afternoon Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Casey Donoven "3/2-generated semigroups"3:20 PM
Mark Lewis "Graphs associated with groups"3:55 PM
Heiko Dietrich "Quotient algorithms (a.k.a. how to compute with finitely presented groups)"4:30 PM
Alexander Hulpke "Rewriting systems and group extensions"5:05 PM
Saturday, June 05, Morning Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Noelia Rizo "Blocks with few irreducible characters "8:40 AM
Lucia Sanus "Character degrees in separable groups "9:15 AM
J. Miquel Martínez "Degrees of characters in the principal block"9:50 AM
Lucas Gagnon "A gluing lemma for supercharacter theories "10:25 AM
Saturday, June 05, Midday Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Chimere Stanley Anabanti "Groups with a given number of nonpower subgroups"12:35 PM
Shuchen Mu "Hochschild transfer is group transfer"1:10 PM
Matthias Neumann-Brosig "Computing the Frattini subgroup of a polycyclic group"1:45 PM
Saturday, June 05, Afternoon Session
Speaker Title Time(EDT)
Jeffrey Riedl "Congruences involving binomial coefficients arising from p-groups "3:20 PM
Eric Swartz "Restrictions on parameters of partial difference sets in nonabelian groups"3:55 PM
Ben Fine "Elementary and universal theory of group rings"4:30 PM

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