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Organizer: Aleksey S. Polunchenko
Email: aleksey

Spring 2015

  • January 29
    Organizational meeting.
  • February 5
    Speaker: Xiaojie Du (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Proof of Lindeberg's Central Limit Theorem
  • February 12
    Speaker: Zhihan Lin (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Proof of the non-existence of a fixed-sample-size fixed-width confidence interval for the unknown mean of a normal distribution with unknown variance
  • February 19
    Speaker: Lishun Li (Binghamton University)
    Topic: On a minimax property of the sample mean when the population is normally distributed
  • February 26
    Speaker: Lin Yao (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Proof of order-two asymptotic efficiency of the Chow-Robbins sequential procedure to construct a fixed-width confidence interval for the unknown mean of a normal distribution with unknown variance
  • March 5 (DEFENSE)
    Speaker: Wenyu Du (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Accurate and efficient numerical performance evaluation of the Generalized Shiryaev–Roberts procedure for quickest change-point detection
  • March 12
    Speaker: Heng Yang (Graduate Center, City University of New York)
    Topic: Simultaneous detection and identification with post-change uncertainty
  • March 19
    Speaker: Bo Yan (Binghamton University)
    Topic: A numerical method to evaluate the performance of the Chow–Robbins sequential estimation procedure
  • March 26
    Speaker: Fangfang Wang (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    Topic: Realized periodogram-based estimation of integrated volatility in the presence of microstructure noise
  • April 2
    Speaker: Mary Lowry (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Stein's two-stage estimation procedure: A case study
  • April 9
    No seminar: Spring Recess
  • April 16
    Speaker: Ruiqi Liu (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Density estimation for power transformations—Paper Discussion
  • April 23
    Seminar moved to Friday, April 24 (see below)
  • April 24 (CANCELED)
    Speaker: Yifan Xu (Case Western Reserve University)
    Topic: Fast clustering using adaptive density peak detection
  • April 30
    Speaker: Zuofeng Shang (Purdue University)
    Topic: A Bayesian splitotic theory for nonparametric models
  • May 7
    Speaker: Aleksey S. Polunchenko (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Analytic formulae for the performance of the Generalized Shiryaev–Roberts change-point detection procedure under exponential data
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