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See Math 223/224 Director's page for syllabus with grade policy and distribution of points to tests, quizzes/take-home assignments, participation, and WebAssign.

To create your WebAssign account, go to Cengage log in and register. Our class key is BINGHAMTON07007209

The e-book for Stewart's Precalculus 7e and Calculus 9e are found on the main student page in Cengage. Readings from both will be assigned; most problem sets will come from Calculus.

Exercises in Precalculus, Stewart, 7th ed. are to do in addition to the WebAssign. If they are listed it's because they focus on the skills you should have. Ask in class about any you have difficulty with.

8-O Each week I'll desk check and sometimes collect a selection of these exercises. I'll let you know in the preceding class when I do this.

WEEK 1 AUG 24-26

Summary of assignments for first week – if an exercise gives you trouble, rest assured we'll cover them in class. These early exercises give me a broad idea of how familiar you are with fundamentals.

Exercises are to be done in a separate part of your notes. It's up to you to do them, and to have questions ready to ask in class. I will tell you ahead of time when I plan to collect a set.


  • Read Appendix A in Calculus
  • In Appendix A, do #1, 5, 8, 10, 11, 25, 31, 43, 45, 49, 51
  • Do WebAssign warmup (you have free access until Sept 7)

8-O Friday to Sunday m(

  • View Dr Kazmierczak's required videos and read the corresponding sections in Precalulus e-book:

Inequalities Sec 1.8

Lines Sec 1.10 Coordinate plane; graphs of equations; circles Sec 1.9

  • Helpful internet mini-videos on solving inequalities:

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

  • In Precalculus e-book, do Exercises Sec 1.8 #16, 18, 22, 32, 38, 47, 52, 60, 65, 79, 81, 97, 99, 113, 119 (Monday desk check only)

8-) Practice Quiz 1

Go to Cengage unlimited for info on purchasing and renting the book

WEEK 2 Aug 29-Sept 2

WA schedule with some extensions to help those just getting into WA:

  1. By Tuesday night, Appendix A and Warm-up Appendix C
  2. By Wednesday, class time, Appendix B and Warm-up Sec 1.1
  3. By Friday, class time, Warm-up Sec 1.2
  4. By Friday before midnight, App C



Rational expressions & domain Sec 1.4

Graphs of functions Sec 2.2

Getting information from a graph Sec 2.3

Transformations of functions Sec 2.6


Without fail, on Friday I'll do a desk check of these :-D


Before Tues lecture


WebAssigns due this week:

  1. Class warmup Sec 1.3, due Tuesday night 9/6
  2. Sec 1.1, due Wednesday night 9/7
  3. Class warmup Dividing polynomials and factoring, due Thursday morning 9/8
  4. Sec 1.2, due Thursday night 9/8
  5. Class warmup App D, due Friday 9/9 before class, Sec 1.3, due Friday night


:-P The second half of lecture today kind of fell short, in that I didn't take the time to do more combined transformations. So … I'll be adding some notes to the lecture notes and inserting them as before. And I will embellish the intro to polynomials.

Polynomial hw has been moved to Thursday night. Catch up on WebAssign.

* On the last page of Lecture notes Week 2 I've described the domains of the four composite functions. Express these in interval notation and hand in tomorrow. It's not an involved exercise!


Friday First trigonometry lecture


  • Read App D in Calculus and for greater detail see Precalulus Secs. 5.1-2, 6.1-3
  • Do Exercises in Precalculus Sec 3.4 (real zeros of polynomials): #1, 5, 9, 11, 17, 31, 55, 61
  • Trig exercises to start: Sec 5.1: #1, 5, 13, 17, 19, 25, 29, 47, 51 and Sec 5.2: 5-21 odd, 27-35 odd

WebAssigns due next (I've been generous with extensions of older function material, get them done)

  1. CLASS WARMUP: Section 1.1 due Saturday night
  2. Dividing Polynomials and Factoring due Monday night
  3. Section 1.3 (Part 2) due Monday night Appendix D (Trigonometry)
  4. Math 223 Midterm Review (not graded) Definitely do it by Wed class time

Lecture notes Week 3

WEEK 4 Sept 12-16

Monday New trig and review for Friday's midterm

  • UNIT CIRCLE ART HW GRADE! Create a unit circle to bring to class on Wednesday. Use a jar lid or compass to make an accurate circle and use a straight edge to make the lines. Prefer blank or copy paper to lined.
  • Short trig quiz on Wednesday (using unit circle you create)
  • Finish up Sec 5.1 and 5.2 exercises

Trigonometry exercises for the rest of the week

Here's Practice trig quiz 1. Graphs are not on the quiz tomorrow, but an ability to render a graph is needed to both understand inverse functions next week and to draw trig transformations on the final).

:!: Some of the questions here on the Previous midterm Fall 2015 and Solutions are not in our list, some are. Do the WebAssign midterm review and of course see exercises I have listed.

Midterm topics: Absolute value inequalities, quadratic or rational inequalities; write parabola or circle in standard (h,k) form to determine features and be able to graph result; transformations of essential functions and intercepts; polynomial stuff; trigonometry part 1 (anything we have done, including solving a simple trig eqn (Nutley HS).

Watch the Office hour video!. You can see some of the more recent midterm questions here, the one I can't post but did cover many items from in class and a couple here.

Friday Midterm, no lecture


  • In Precalculus do Sec 6.1 Exercises #53-69 odd with arc length s = (theta)®; sector area = (r²)(theta/2)
  • In Precalculus read Sec 2.8 (inverse fcns), Sec 5.5 (graphs of inverse trigonometric functions), and Sec 6.4 (evaluating inverse trig fcns)
  • View Kaz videos:

WEEK 5 Sept 19-23


  • First go back and do the weekend viewing; then do the arc length and sector area problems – I will post my own short video on this, as I never got a chance to talk about it in class
  • In Calculus read Sec 6.1 up to p 415 (skip the end of this section on derivatives!)
  • Sec 6.1 #17-29 odd, #37, 39
  • In Calculus read Sec 6.6 to p 489 (skip limits!)
  • Try these inverse trig evaluations in Sec 6.6 #1-9 odd

Here’s my Arc length and sector area video


  • View Kazmierczak mini-videos (total viewing time is under 9 minutes!):

To hand in by email by Friday 3 pm from Nutley High School worksheet, #13, 15, and 16; be sure to show your complete work!


Friday's quiz moved to Wednesday when we return. 5 questions total, 3 topics:

1. Determine if a fcn is even, odd, or neither using definitions 2. Find inverse of non-trigonometric fcn and graph the two fcns on one plane 3. Do three inverse trig function calculations, including a composition


Friday Sept 23 lecture

Office hour questions on inverse trig fcns with Rui

Do these Calculus textbook exercises for Wednesday:

Trigonometry: Sec 6.6, #1-13 odd Inverse fcns: Sec 6.1 #7-13 odd, 25-29 odd Log and exp fcns: Sec. 6.2 #7, 9, 17; Sec. 6.3 #3-7 odd, 15, 17, 21, 23

WEEK 6 SEPT 28-30

Wednesday Do these Calculus textbook exercises for Friday:

Sec 6.2* #1, 3, 7, 9; Sec 6.3* #3, 5 (leave in e or ln form), 17, 21, 23; Sec 6.4* #1, 3, 7, 9

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