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Information about Math 227 Place-Out Exam

This page contains information about the MATH 227 place-out examination. This examination is for those who got 5 in AP Calculus BC and entered the university on or after Fall 2020. Currently, students with 5 in AP Calculus BC who entered Fall 2020 or later will receive MATH 224 (2 credits), MATH 225 (2 credits), MATH 226 (2 credits) & MSCI XXX (2 credits). Upon successfully passing the place-out exam, students will receive credit for MATH 227 instead of MSCI XXX.

Not to be confused with the placement exam, which is for students who want to take Calculus I or Business Calculus.

This year's exam will take place at the end of August, tentatively in the evening on August 19th. It will be a 2-hour written examination, similar in coverage to the Math 227 final examination. You must register to take the exam, using the link at the bottom of this page. Note: you can only attempt the place-out once, and only if you did not take MATH 227.

Since you have credit for MATH 226, you should not sign up for the regular MATH 226/227 pair of courses. Since you are signing up for courses before you take the place-out examination, and it is easier to drop courses rather than add, you may want to sign up for a section of MATH 227 in the first half of the semester. You can also sign up to take a stand-alone MATH 227 in the second half of the semester, although this is less ideal; for this you should use the second form on the Forms page:

While MATH 227 is considered a prerequisite for Calculus 3 (MATH 323), not all of it is needed there, and we consider 5 on AP Calculus BC sufficient prerequisite to take MATH 323. You can take MATH 323 and MATH 227 in the same semester. You can use the 4th form on the Forms page to get into MATH 323 without MATH 227 credit.

You may also want to register for Linear Algebra (MATH 304), Honors Calculus (MATH 230), and/or Number Systems (MATH 330). In truly exceptional circumstances, for students with serious exposure to higher mathematics, other options may be available. For any questions, email Prof. Alexander Borisov at

For a more detailed description of the MATH 227 place-out examination coverage, see this page:

In particular, three sample Math 227 final examinations are available here:

with solutions at

You only get one try at placing out of Math 227. So make sure to prepare as well as you can.

Register for the place-out exam at this link:

For any questions, email Prof. Alexander Borisov at

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