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Information about Math 227 Place-Out Exam

This page contains information about the place-out exam of Math 227. This exam is for those who got 5 in AP Calculus BC and entered the university on or after Fall 2020. Currently, students with 5 in AP Calculus BC who entered Fall 2020 or later will receive MATH 224 (2 credits), MATH 225 (2 credits), MATH 226 (2 credits) & MSCI XXX (2 credits). Upon successfully passing the place-out exam, students will receive credit for MATH 227 instead of MSCI XXX.

Not to be confused with the placement exam, which is for students who want to take Calculus I or Business Calculus.

The Math 227 place-out examination will be a 10-20 minute oral examination, on Zoom, recorded, focusing on infinite series and power series. For a more detailed description of the exam coverage, see this page:

In particular, three sample Math 227 final examinations are available here:

with solutions at

You only get one try at placing out of Math 227. So make sure to prepare as well as you can.

Register for the place-out exam at this link:

Most of the exams will be administered in mid-August, and all who complete the above form will get an email about a week in advance inquiring about their availability.

For any questions, email Prof. Alexander Borisov at

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