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Linear Algebra - Math 304

Fall 2019

1Hung Tong-VietWH-108777-2380tongvietMWF:8:00-9:30WH-G002
2Fikreab AdmasuWH-107777-4246admasufMW:9:40-11:10, F:9:40-11:10FA-212, CW-331
3Vaidehee ThatteWH-107777-4246thatteMWF:11:20-12:50OH-G102
4Alex FeingoldWH-115777-2465alexMWF:1:10-2:40CW-202
5Eran CrockettWH-332 crockettMWF:2:50-4:20CW-212
6Thomas ZaslavskyWH-216777-2201zaslavMWF:4:40-6:10CW-321

(*): Each email address in this table is of the form but that should happen automatically if you just click on the link.

If a section has its own detailed syllabus webpage, a link to that page will be provided under the Instructor column of the table above.

Below is a partial syllabus with information for all sections that you should know. Your instructor may have a more detailed syllabus about how your section will be run.


``Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 5th Edition” by David C. Lay, Steven R. Lay, Judi J. McDonald, Pearson Publishers, e-book with MyLab Math. Here is a link to the Pearson webpage for this textbook, including information about MyLab Math homework system: Lay-Lay-McDonald webpage. Here is a link to the specific page for the product which students should buy from Pearson: Required eTextbook and MyLab homework system.

The entire book will be covered if time permits.

Exam Schedule

Only the Final Exam will be common to all sections, but we expect each section will administer other exams on the same day, three times during the semester, as follows:

Exam 1: Wednesday, Sept 25, 2019.

Exam 2: Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019.

Exam 3: Monday, Nov 25, 2019.

Final Exam: Friday, Dec 13, 2019, 12:50 - 2:50 PM, GW-69EX (West Gym), Common for all Sections.

No calculators, cellphones or computers will be allowed during exams. A student who needs to leave the exam room during an exam must leave their cellphone in the room. Use of a cellphone to get answers to exam questions during an exam is cheating and will be treated as a violation of university honesty rules.


Online homework will be done using MyLab which comes with the textbook. Registration instructions will be posted here before the semester begins.

Expected workload outside of the classroom

This class is scheduled to meet three times per week for 90 minutes each time. In addition to attending all classes, you should expect to need 8 to 10 hours per week outside of the class meetings to study the material and do homework.

Expected behaviour in class

During classes students are expected to behave according to university rules. Some students feel free to use their cellphones during class, but most professors find that insulting, and it certainly prevents students from concentrating on the lecture. Any professor who sees a student using a cellphone instead of paying attention can ask the student to put the cellphone away, or can take it until the end of class. Addiction to cellphones is a serious condition affecting many people! It is allowed for students to use cellphones to photograph notes from the board. Some students may use laptop computers to take notes, but they should be careful not to use them for internet browsing during class. Each instructor has the final decision about what to allow in the classroom.

Resources for help with personal problems

The following link to a webpage of the Dean of Students contains important contact information for sources of help if you are having personal problems.

Dean of Students Help Page


August 21: First Day of Classes: After meeting your instructor you should have been given this webpage address to check for the syllabus and instructions. Step 1: Read the entire syllabus, including the detailed syllabus for your section. Step 2: Set up your MyLab account for doing homework assignments. Step 3: Attend all classes and keep up with all homework corresponding to your section lectures.

Syllabi from previous semesters

The syllabus for Math 304 in Spring 2019 can be found through the following link:

Math 304 Syllabus for Spring 2019

The syllabus for Math 304 in Fall 2018 is available through this link:

Fall 2018 page

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