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Statistics Seminar

The seminar meets on Thursdays, from 1:15pm to 2:40pm, in WH-100E.
The seminar is also offered as MATH 567, Seminar in Statistics, Section 01.
Organizer: Qiqing Yu

Previous semesters:

See also: Data Science Seminar and the Capstone Seminar.

Spring 2019

  • January 31
    Speaker: Qiqing Yu (Binghamton University)
    Topic:Research problems related to Exponential distribution with right-censored regression data
  • February 21
    Speaker: Yuan Fang (Binghamton University)
    Topic:Variable selection in clustering via Dirichlet process mixture models
  • March 7
    Speaker: Yinsong Chen (Binghamton University)
    Topic:Image Analysis and Random Field with Simulated Annealing
  • March 14
    Speaker: Mengyu Chen (Binghamton University)
    Topic:Signed rank based empirical likelihood for the symmetric location mode
  • March 28, 2019
    Speaker: Waheed U. Bajwa (Rutgers University)
    Topic: Adversarially resilient machine learning in fully distributed environments
  • April 4
    Speaker: Kexuan Li (Binghamton University)
    Topic: On the Convergence Rate of the Quasi- to Stationary Distribution for the Shiryaev-Roberts Diffusion
  • April 11
    Speaker: Haomiao Meng (Binghamton University)
    Topic: On Quantile Regression in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces with the Data Sparsity Constraint
  • April 18
    Speaker: Zili Yang (Binghamton University)
    Topic:The Economy is Bright — a Geography of Light
  • April 25, 2019
    The Dean's Speaker Series in Statistics and Data Science
    Speaker: Cun-hui Zhang (Rutgers University)
    Topic: Semi-Low-Dimensional Inference With High-Dimensional Data
  • May 2
    Speaker: Chen Liang (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Dissertation Defense - Goodness-of-fit Tests for Spatial Cluster Point Process Models
    Special Time and Location: 3 – 4:30 pm at OR-100D
  • May 9
    Speaker: Wenbo Wang (Binghamton University)
    Topic: Dissertation Defense - Set-valued Classification with Confidence Set Learning
    Special Time and Location: 12 – 1:30 pm at WH-100E
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