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The Zassenhaus Conference began as the Ohio State-Denison Mathematics Conferences. It was first organized in the 1960's by Hans Zassenhaus, are held in even-numbered years in Ohio, with the group theorists meeting in the odd-numbered years at various locations around the country. The even-numbered year conferences held in Ohio originally included group theory, ring theory, and combinatorics, areas in which Hans Zassenhaus was active.

Since 2015 the anchor location for the Zassenhaus Conference has been at Binghamton University, where it is being held on odd-numbered years. The name Zassenhaus Groups and Friends Conference is a reflection of the fact that we welcome topics like Loops and others from universal algebra, which are closely related to group theory.

Due to the worldwide health crisis in 2020, the conference will be held online this year.

Recent Zassenhaus Conferences (A more complete archive here)

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