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Transfer Basics

To transfer a math/stats course from outside Binghamton University for credit, you must receive pre-approval from the math & stats department's Director of Undergraduate Studies. Not all courses can be transferred, hence it is important to have the course content reviewed before you take them. To this end,

  1. Fill out the Harpur College Transfer Credit Petition form. Save the completed form as a PDF file; images/snapshots are discouraged.
  2. Send an email with the completed form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Guifang Fu ( for review and approval, even if the course appears in the transfer equivalency table. Include in the email:
    • Current syllabus of the course
    • Website of the department/university that offers the transfer course
    • Information on when you plan to take the transfer course.

Online courses (especially asynchronous ones) are generally not approved for transfer (in some cases, transfer credits may be granted after passing our final exam with a grade of C or better.)

Courses from non-US institutions are typically not accepted, although there are exceptions for certain programs such as study abroad (excluding winter or summer sessions). More information on the rationale can be found here.

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