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3. Declare, Drop, and Change Major/Minor

Any student wishing to declare a major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics needs to be admitted to Harpur College of Arts and Sciences first; otherwise, the declaration can not be processed.

To declare or drop a major or minor, fill in this Google Form. We now require each student declaring the BS major to meet with a faculty member before making the major declaration. Please write down the name of the faculty member whom you have talked with. The math office will not process BS major declarations until this step is completed. If you have not met with a faculty member yet but need to declare a major now, please consider declaring a BA major first (and switching to BS later if desired). Enter the faculty's name in the blank next to “Other” below.

To change from one major to another, simply drop the old major, then declare the new one.

Note that a student can only earn one major at maximum from the same department. Hence, no one can double major in mathematics and actuarial science, or obtain a BA degree in Statistics and a BS degree in Mathematics, etc. However, students are encouraged to explore double major options from a different department.

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