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Statistical Machine Learning Seminar
Hosted by Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
  • Time: 12:00-1:00
  • Room: WH-G02
  • Speaker: Baiyang Qi (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Title: Building a model for scoring 20 or more runs in a baseball game


I will present a paper on sports statistics. The abstract of that paper is as follows.

How often can we expect a Major League Baseball team to score at least 20 runs in a single game? Considered a rare event in baseball, the outcome of scoring at least 20 runs in a game has occurred 224 times during regular season games since 1901 in the American and National Leagues. Each outcome is modeled as a Poisson process; the time of occurrence of one of these events does not affect the next future occurrence. Using various distributions, probabilities of events are generated, goodness-of-fit tests are conducted, and predictions of future events are offered. The statistical package R is employed for analysis.

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