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Eric Swartz (Binghamton)

Lifting Automorphisms of Finite Graphs

Abstract for the Combinatorics Seminar 2012 April 17, 24

Cheryl Praeger's normal quotient method has made the study of certain families of finite graphs (for instance, s-arc transitive and locally s-arc transitive graphs) more approachable by dividing the problem into two parts:
(I) Study the “basic graphs,” those graphs in the family that are not covers of anything but “trivial” graphs;
(II) Study the covers of the basic graphs.
While (I) has been studied extensively, not much work has been done toward (II).

In this talk, I will discuss how voltage graphs can be used to find covers of graphs where certain symmetries “lift,” and specifically look at the problem of determining the locally 2-arc transitive covers of K2,3. I will also demonstrate how the software GAP can be applied to problems like this.

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