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Thomas Zaslavsky

Ph.D., 1974, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
At Binghamton since 1985
Areas of Interest: Combinatorics, graph theory
Summary of research interests

Math Reviews list of published papers .
(Institutional subscription to MathSciNet is needed for viewing.)

Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Office: WH 216
  • Office hours:
    MWF3:00 - 5:00
    No appointment needed
  • Courses:
    • Spring 2024

      Math 330 Section 04 : Number systems
      MWF 1:10 - 2:40 WH-100B
    • Fall 2024

      Math 386 Section 01 : Combinatorics
      MWF 10:50 - 12:20 CW-206
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Michael Gottstein, Spring, 2024
      Thesis: Partitions and Gain Graphs
    • Nicholas Lacasse, Spring, 2023
      Thesis: Signed Graphs & Gain Graphs:Packing, Root Systems,Alcoves & Arrangements
    • Christopher Eppolito, Summer, 2022
      Thesis: Matroids: Mystic Monoliths, Meta Missiles, and Myopic Meadows
    • Amelia Mattern, Spring, 2020
      Thesis: Deficiency in Signed Graphs
    • Richard Behr, Spring, 2018
      Thesis: Edge Coloring and Special Edges of Signed Graphs
    • Simon Joyce, Fall, 2017
      Thesis: Interaction Graphs Derived From Activation Functions and Their Application to Gene Regulation
    • Alexander Schaefer, Summer, 2017
      Thesis: Permutable Matchings and Negative Cycle Vectors
    • Jackie Kaminski, Summer, 2013
      Thesis: Classification of Factored Gain-Graphic Hyperplane Arrangements
    • Nathan Reff, Spring, 2012
      Thesis: Gain Graphs, Group-Oriented Hypergraphs, and Matrices
    • Lucas Rusnak, Spring, 2010
      Thesis: Oriented Hypergraphs
    • Garry Bowlin, Summer, 2009
      Thesis: Maximum Frustration of Bipartite Signed Graphs
    • Rigoberto Florez, Summer, 2005
      Thesis: Four Studies in the Geometry of Biased Graphs
    • Lori Koban, Summer, 2004
      Thesis: Two Generalizations of Biased Graph Theory: Circuit Signatures and Modular Triples of Matroids, and Biased Expansions of Biased Graphs
    • Steven Tedford, Spring, 2002
      Thesis: A Characterization of the Mixed Branching Greedoid
    • Daniel Slilaty, Summer, 2000
      Thesis: Orientations of Biased Graphs and Their Matroids
    • Steve Pagano, Spring, 1998
      Thesis: Separability and Representability of Bias Matroids of Signed Graphs

Here's a link to my personal web page.

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