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Weekly schedule

Math 223 Fall 2018

Week Dates Sections Topics Videos to view before class
1 August 22–24Precalculus 1.6Inequalities & Absolute Values
Precalculus 2.2 Coordinate Geometry & Lines
2 August 27–31 Precalculus 10.1-10.3Graphs of Second-Degree Equations
Calculus 1.1 - 1.2Functions
Calculus 1.2More Functions
3 September 3–7 (Wednesday, September 5 is Drop Deadline) Labor DayNo Class
Calculus 1.2 (Drop Deadline)New Functions from Old Functions
Precalculus 3.5Dividing Polynomials and Factoring
4 September 10–14Rosh HashanahNo class
Calculus 1.3Trigonometry
Calculus 1.3Trigonometry
5 September 17–21Review
Yom KippurNo class
Exam 1All exams in class
6 September 24–28Calculus 1.4 Inverse Functions & Inverse Trig Functions
Precalculus 4.1Exponential Functions
Precalculus 4.3) Logarithmic Functions
7 October 1–5 (Thursday, October 4 is withdraw with a “W” deadline)Precalculus 12.1Limit of a Function (intuitive)
Precalculus 12.2Calculating Limits
Precalculus 12.3More Limits & ContinuityNo video or Warmup
8 October 8-12Precalculus 12.3 ContinuityNo video or warmup
Fall BreakNo class
9 October 15–17Review
Final Exam covering all topics from the course with a focus on Trigonometry through continuityAll exams in class
October 19
Math 224 Begins
Calculus 3.1Tangent and Velocity Problems
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