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Math 224 (Second Half) Tentative Schedule

9 October 211.6,1.8,2.1Intermediate Value Thm, Squeeze Thm, DerivativesNone
10 October 24-282.2Derivative as a Function
2.3Differentiation Formulas
2.4Derivatives of Trig Functions
11 October 31-November 42.5Chain Rule
2.5More Chain Rule
2.6Implicit Differentiation
12 November 7-112.7Rates of Change in ScienceBasic Skills Test 1 (starts Thursday, Nov 10), on limits, continuity, and differentiation formulas
2.8Related Rates
2.8More on Related Rates
13 November 14-18Review
In class Midterm Exam covering sections 1.6 through 2.8
2.9 and 3.1Linear Approximation (no differentials) and Max/Min Values
14 November 21-November 253.1More Max/Min Values
3.3How derivatives affect the shape of a graphBasic Skills Test 2 (starts Tuesday, November 22), on derivatives of trig functions, chain rule, and implicit differentiation
Thanksgiving Break
15 November 28-December 23.3How derivatives affect the shape of a graph
3.4Limits at Infinity
3.5Curve Sketching
16December 5-93.5Curve Sketching
ReviewBasic Skills Test extensions only
Reading Day
16December 12-16Final Exams
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