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Math 447- Probability


Note from UTS tutoring:

Hello MATH 447!

My name is Emmanuel and I am the lead Upper-level Mathematics Tutor for University Tutorial Services. I wanted to inform you that tutoring services are available for MATH 447 as well as the other following upper-level math courses:

MATH 304 MATH 323 MATH 324 MATH 330 MATH 346 MATH 448

You can sign up for appointments on Starfish which is available on your page.

Appointments can hold up to eight people at a time and are available on a first come first serve basis. You must sign up for an appointment on Starfish, otherwise the tutor will not be there. We ask that you come with specific questions or topics that you want to go over.

Additionally, I tutor MATH 346 and MATH 448. If you are unable to sign up for a session that seems like it is available it may be because someone from another course signed up before you. If this is the case, then MATH 447 students will not be able to register for the session.

If you have any questions please redirect them to Additionally, if you have any questions about my sessions feel free to email me at

The Webassign code is: binghamton 9436 8945.

To login into Webwork use your binghamton username (from your email) as your username and password.

You can post questions and discuss the course at the course Piazza site. Note the Piazza site is shared with the other Probability section, so not all policies, homework assignments, exams, etc. will be relevant.

Homework 1- Due Friday Jan 26. The problems assigned on webassign were Chapter 2- 2, 8, 11, 15, 31, 39, 43, 47, 53, 57

Homework 2- Due Friday Feb 2. Turn the above written problems in on Friday. The Webassign problems are due Monday. Your webassign codes have been extended until Feb. 14th. The problems assigned on webassign were Chapter 2- 65, 71, 75, 87, 89, 93, 97, 113, 121

Homework 3- Due Friday Feb 9. Note this week, I'm trying webwork for the online homework.

Homework 4- Due Friday Feb 16.

Homework 5- Due Friday Feb 23.

Solutions to the written parts of the first three homeworks are now on blackboard.


Jan. 17 - Section 2.3-2.4

Jan. 19 - Section 2.4-2.5

Jan. 22 - Section 2.6

Jan. 24 - Section 2.7/8

Jan. 26 - Section 2.9 Homework 1 Due

Jan. 29 - Section 2.10

Jan. 31 - Section 3.2

Feb. 2 - Section 3.3 Homework 2 Due

Feb. 5 - Section 3.4-3.6

Feb. 7 - Snow Day

Feb. 9 - Section 3.6-3.7

Feb. 12 - Section 3.7-3.8

Feb. 14 - Section 3.9

Feb. 16 - Section 3.11 (Note skip 3.10)

Feb. 19 - Finish Section 3.11, midterm review

Feb. 21 - Midterm review and/or start chapter 4

MIDTERM Feb. 23 I have uploaded 2 practice midterms to “myCourses”. They are essentially midterms I given before. We used a different book, so the content and emphasis doesn't exactly line up, but the exams should give you idea of what to expect. I recommend treating them like a practice exams and spending 80 minutes on them. REMARK ON PRACTICE MIDTERMS - pmf stands for probability mass function and means the same thing as distribution function. Midterm 1 info

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