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Luise-Charlotte Kappe

Professor Emerita
Dr. rer nat, Universitat Freiburg, Germany
At Binghamton since 1968
Areas of Interest: Group Theory, Number Theory
Summary of research interests

Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Viji Thomas, Summer, 2010 (Co-advisor Fernando Guzman)
      Thesis: The Box-Tensor Product: A Generlization of the Nonabelian Tensor Product
    • Gabriela Mendoza, Summer, 2007
      Thesis: On some minimality conditions involving elements of prime order in a group G
    • Fred Kluempen, Spring, 2001
      Thesis: On the power structure of finite p-groups
    • James Beuerle, Spring, 1999
      Thesis: Metacyclic Groups and their Nonabelian Tensor Squares
    • Denise Reboli, Spring, 1998
      Thesis: On Generalized Hamiltonian Groups
    • Norhaniza Sarmin, Spring, 1998
      Thesis: On Two-Generator Groups of Nilpotency Class Two and their Nonabelian Tensor Squares
    • Matthew Visscher, Summer, 1998
      Thesis: On the Nonabelian Tensor Product of Groups
    • Patrick Ratchford, Spring, 1997
      Thesis: On Centralizer-like Subgroups
    • David Garrison, May, 1995
      Thesis: Subnormality Conditions in Metabelian Groups
    • Marc Brodie, Spring, 1993
      Thesis: Finite Coverings by Subgroups
    • Michael Bacon, Fall, 1992
      Thesis: The Nonabelian Tensor Square and Powers of a Group
    • Robert F. Morse, 1990
      Thesis: Levi Properties in Groups
    • Robert Chamberlain, Spring, 1987
      Thesis: Groups With Certain Finite Homomorphic Images Cyclic
    • Seyedkazem Mahdavianary, August, 1983
      Thesis: Groups with many subgroups two-subnormal

Coordinator, Preparing Future Faculty Program, Binghamton Cluster

2001-2002 Faculty Excellence Award in Graduate Student Mentoring

My Mentoring Philosophy

Governor, MAA Seaway Section

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