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Math 404 Advanced Linear Algebra. Spring 2024.

Binghamton University

  • Instructor: Vladislav Kargin
  • Office: WH-136
  • Meeting time and location: MWF – 11:20-12:50 – LN 2403
  • Office hours: MWF – 14:00-15:00 (2PM - 3PM)

This course is a 4-credit course, which means that in addition to the scheduled lectures/discussions, students are expected to do at least 9.5 hours of course-related work each week during the semester. This includes things like: completing assigned readings, participating in lab sessions, studying for tests and examinations, preparing written assignments, completing internship or clinical placement requirements, and other tasks that must be completed to earn credit in the course.

The course will in general follow the syllabus of the Math404 course given in Spring 2023: see

Tentative Exam Schedule:

Exam 1: Friday, February 23

Exam 2: Wednesday, March 27

Exam 3: Wednesday, May 1

Final Exam: TBA, During Final Week.

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