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Math 304 Linear Algebra Summer 2020

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Code of Academic Honesty


Videos will be uploaded with names of the form

(C)xyz : C for concept, I will talk about concepts, there will be examples, but I will not do any computation, for example I will just tell you that the roots of x^2+5x+6 is -3,-2 without show you the steps (this is a bad example, I expect you to know how to solve x^2+5x+6 if you are taking this class).

(P)xyz : P for problem, I will work out simple problems, and give details (or just enough details).

(R)xyz : R for request, I will respond to some of your request, for example more example, more steps in demonstration or additional topics.

I will upload videos for system of linear equations by the end of May, to give you an idea of what to expect.

other videos will be upload according to the class schedule.

Exams (and possibly presentation)

Exams will be administered through ProctorU, if privacy is an issue for you, then you may need to consider other course options.

I'm planning on giving a poll at the start of the semester to decide between:

1. 2 Midterm 1 Final


2. 1 Midterm 1 Presentation 1 Final


Presentation topics will be decided by me taking into consideration of your preferences, you will either be explaining:

1. a new concept in Linear Algebra that is not in the course,


2. an application of Linear Algebra in other fields Economics, Chemistry, statistics, probability, computer science etc. (the list is endless).

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