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Thomas Farrell

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., 1967, Yale University
At Binghamton since 1990
Areas of Interest: Topology and differential geometry
Summary of research interests

Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Mauricio Bustamante, Spring, 2016 (Co-advisor Pedro Ontaneda)
      Thesis: On the topology of the space of pinched negatively curved metrics with finite volume and identical ends
    • Gangotryi Sorcar, Spring, 2015
      Thesis: Non Triviality of the Fundamental Group of the Teichmuler Space of Negatively Curved Metrics of a Non-Locally Symmetric Negatively Curved Manifold
    • Xiaolei Wu, Spring, 2014
      Thesis: Farrell-Jones Conjecture for the Solvable Baumslag-Solitar Groups
    • Silvia Millan-Vossler, Spring, 2008
      Thesis: The Whitehead Group and the Lower Algebraic K-Theory of Braid Groups on S2 and RP2
    • Ivonne Ortiz, Spring, 2003
      Thesis: The Lower Algebraic K-theory of Gamma_3
    • Sergio Ardanza-Trevijano, Summer, 2000
      Thesis: Exotic Smooth Structures on Non-Locally Symetric Negatively Curved Manifolds
    • Ranja Roy, Spring, 1998
      Thesis: Integrality Questions for Virtual Signature
    • Shashidhar Upadhyay, Spring, 1997
      Thesis: Bounding Questions for Almost Flat Manifolds
    • Victor Brunsden, Summer, 1995
      Thesis: Cohomology, Local Rigidity, and Fixed Points
    • Boris Okun, Fall, 1994
      Thesis: Non-zero degree tangential maps between dual symmetric spaces

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