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Binghamton University Department of Mathematical Sciences announces Craig Squier Teaching Assistantships for Graduate Study Toward the MA or PHD Degree.

Craig Squier joined our department in 1983 and participated successfully in many areas of departmental activity. Most of us were influenced by his ideas and were greatly saddened by his premature death in 1992.

Craig was a versatile, bold mathematician who successfully synthesized ideas and techniques from one area of mathematics to solve problems in another area. His use of topological and homological methods in geometric group theory and theoretical computer science is notable. His work has become increasingly influential since his death and is often cited in research journals.

An endowment in his honor, begun by his parents, makes these special assistantships possible.

  • These special assistantships carry a stipend of \$17,000 and a full tuition scholarship (plus an optional \$2,500 for a Summer Session). These assistantships are intended for students entering our Graduate Program.

Service responsibilities might be full responsibility for teaching one course per semester (plus an optional course for the summer) or assisting a faculty member in teaching. Such a responsibility is assigned only after all concerned are confident that the assignment is suitable. Teaching assistants have the opportunity to obtain teaching experience in a wide variety of subjects including algebra and trigonometry, calculus, finite mathematics, linear algebra, and statistics.

Inquiries and requests for applications should be directed to the address below. Note there is no special application for these special assistantships. Awards are determined from the data submitted with the regular application. Write to:


Department of Mathematical Sciences

Binghamton University

P.O. Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

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