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Weekly schedule

Math 224 Fall 2018 Second Half (October)

Week Dates Sections Topics Videos to view before class in WebAssign (click on “Resources” tab)
10 October 22-26
Math 224 Begins
1.8,1.4Introduction; Intermediate Value Theorem; Tangent and Velocity; Final ExamsKazmierczak videos in precalc text sections 2.4 and 13.3
2.1The Derivative and Rates of Change All future videos for course located in the 224 website
2.2Derivative as a Function
11 October 29-November 22.3Differentiation Formulas
2.4Derivatives of Trig Functions
2.5Chain Rule
12 November 5-92.5 More Chain RuleBasic Skills Test 1 (starts Monday, Nov 5: Students may take 3 attempts between Nov 5 and Nov 27, no more than one in the same day), on limits, continuity, and differentiation formulas
2.6Differentiation of Implicitly Defined Functions
2.7Rates of Change in Science
13 November 12-162.8Related Rates
2.8 More Related Rates
S n o w D a y !!!
14 November 19 Review
Thanksgiving Break
15 November 26-November 30In class Midterm Exam covering Sections 1.6 through 2.8Basic Skills Test 2 (starts Monday, November 26: Students may take 3 attempts between Nov 26 and Dec 7, no more than two in the same week, no more than one in the same day), on derivatives of trig functions, chain rule, and implicit differentiation
2.9 and 3.1Linear Approximation (no differentials) and Max/Min Values
3.3How derivatives affect the shape of a graph
16 December 3-December 73.4Limits at Infinity
3.5Curve Sketching
ReviewLast Day for Skills Test 2
17December 12Final ExamWednesday, December 12, 12:50–2:50pm
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