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Travel Information (provide to speakers when confirming they will come to speak)

  • For all visitor car travel (rental or personal car) paid with department funding, please provide the following information to the visitor BEFORE they leave to come here.
  • NY State will always reimburse non-employee rental car expense plus gas expense (with original receipts). The visitor must book their own rental car and must be reserved as compact or standard size only. Damage waiver will also be reimbursed. Non-employees cannot use NYS rental contract or rates. Do not offer to book their rental car or provide them with NYS/BU account number.
  • If the visitor chooses to drive their own car, mileage will be calculated based on their leaving address to Binghamton University and reimbursed per NYS/IRS standard mileage rate. The department will reimburse personal car mileage up to a maximum of $200. No gas will be reimbursed (gas is calculated into the mileage rate). Please be sure your visitor understands this maximum mileage reimbursement if they choose to drive their own car.
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