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Weekly schedule Spring 2019

Math 225/226

You are required to watch 1-3 videos before each class unless stated otherwise for that day in the schedule below. The videos are titled by section numbers from the text. The section covered in each class are the videos you need to watch before each class.

Week Dates Sections Topics
1 January 21-25 Martin Luther King Day
4.7 Optimization
4.7More Optimization
2 January 28-Feb. 1 (Add Deadline is Monday, 1/28)4.10Antiderivatives
5.1Summation Notation; Areas and Distances
5.2Definite Integrals
3 February 4-8 (Drop Deadline is Monday, 2/4)4.4 and 5.3Mean Value Theorem and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
5.3Fundamental Theorem
5.4Fundamental Theorem
4 February 11-155.4Indefinite Integrals; Net Change Theorem
5.5Substitution Theorem
5.5More Substitution
5 February 18-22Review for Exam 1
Exam 1All Exams in Class
6.1Area Between Curves
6 Feb. 25-March 1 (Withdrawal Deadline is Thursday, 2/28)6.1More Area Between Curves
6.2Volumes (Disks/Washers)
6.3Volume by Cylindrical Shells
7 March 4-86.2 and 6.3Review of Volumes
Average Value of a Function
Review (Optimization and Riemann Sums)
8 March 11-15Review (Integration) - last day class
Final exam covering all topics All exams in class
Math 225 is over. Math 226 to begins Monday, March 25
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