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(Archived) Math 570 final project guidelines

The final project for Math 570 assumes the role of final exam, and consists of:

  1. finding an interesting multivariate dataset;
  2. choosing scientific questions of interest;
  3. answering the questions by appropriate multivariate analysis techniques;
  4. conveying your findings of the analysis to broader audience by writing a final report.


  1. Report your team members by October 3 by email. You are asked to form teams of two.
  2. Project proposal report due on November 7 in writing.
    Your project proposal should include (i) description of the dataset, (ii) scientific questions, and (iii) plans on which statistical tools to analyze the data.
  3. Final report due on December 5.

For the final report

The final report consists of

  1. Abstract: A (at most) page-long summary of your project, explaining the data of interest, scientific questions, the methods, and the findings, in non-technical terms.
  2. Main part: An introduction to the underlying problem which briefly summarizes the motivation and goal of the work; A section explaining the data; A section detailing the steps of the analysis and the findings; A section discussing alternative plans and secondary findings if any.

Each final report will be read out loud in class and be commented and discussed.

Computer programming code is not a part of the final report. A final report is an article readable by a general reader with some scientific background.

Special writing tips

Students are advised to read the following book and report before writing the report.

  1. The Elements of Style by Strunk and White - only 7 dollars on Amazon and multiple copies are available in the library as well.
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