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Louis F. McAuley

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., 1954, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
At Binghamton since 1969
Areas of Interest: TOPOLOGY: open and closed mappings, light open and closed mappings, totally disconnected topological groups acting on n-manifolds and more general spaces
Summary of research interests

Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Randall Holmes, July, 1989
      Thesis: Systems of Combinatory Logic Related to Quine's “New Foundations”
    • Jeff Norden, Summer, 1988
      Thesis: Homeomorphisms Between Pixley-Roy Spaces
    • John Kulesza, May, 1987
      Thesis: Dimension Theory of non-separable metric spaces
    • Robert Johnson, May, 1985
      Thesis: Uniform Inverse Set Convergence and Inverse Limits
    • John Kavanagh, May, 1982
      Thesis: Extensions of Homeomorphisms and Generalizations
    • Alan Coppola, Spring, 1980
      Thesis: On p-Adic Transformation Groups
    • Gerald Jungck, May, 1978
      Thesis: Local Homeomorphisms
    • Steve Dibner, Spring, 1977
      Thesis: Heegaard Splittings for an Infinite Family of Closed Orientable Three-Manifolds
    • Ronald Fintushel, Spring, 1975
      Thesis: Orbit Maps of Local S1-Actions on Manifolds of Dimension Less Than Five
    • Eric Robinson, Spring, 1975
      Thesis: Characterizations and Properties of Some Light-Open Mappings
    • John Walsh, Spring, 1974
      Thesis: Monotone, Monotone Open, and Light Open Mappings of Manifolds
    • Robert Reed, Spring, 1972
      Thesis: Foundations of Vietoris Homology Theory with Applications to Non-Compact Spaces
    • John Baildon, Spring, 1971
      Thesis: Open Maps and Maps Onto Two-Manifolds
    • Myra Reed, Spring, 1971
      Thesis: Decomposition Spaces and Separation Properties
    • Edythe Woodruff, Spring, 1971
      Thesis: Concerning the Condition that a Disk in E3/G be the Image of a Disk in E3
    • William Haver, August, 1970
      Thesis: Cellular Mappings on Manifolds

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