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Math 227 Fall 2016 Sections 40 and 41

Test Distributions

Maximum score 1st quartile Median 3rd quartile
Test 1 120 55.75 71 88.25
Test 2 120 74 93 105

Scores above the third quartile indicate a very good level of understanding. A score below the first quartile on Test 1 is cause for concern. Students with low scores should seek additional help outside of class, or consider withdrawing.

Practice Tests and Study Help

The following practice tests were written before the implementation of the Skills Test in Math 227, so there is some overlap between Practice Test 1 and the Skills Test. This semester's Test 1 will cover more material from sections 11.3-11.7, and less material from sections that were already covered by the Skills Test.

Practice Test 1 (with solutions)

Practice Test 2 (with solutions)

Test 2 Tips

Assigned videos

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