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Christopher Eppolito

E-mail: eppolito-at-math-dot-binghamton-dot-edu
  • Office: WH 310
  • Office hours:
  • Courses:
    • Fall 2020

      Math 323 Section 01 : Calculus III
      MWF 8:00 - 9:30 DL-
      Math 323 Section 06 : Calculus III
      MWF 4:40 - 6:10 DL-

Current Course Webpage

Here is my math323-01/06-f20 page for Calculus III.

Old Course Webpages

The following pages are likely to have lots of broken links. I no longer update them, and I have started to manage my courses off this wiki by other means.

Here is my math314-01-s20 webpage for Discrete Mathematics from Spring 2020.

Here is my math323-05/06-f19 webpage for Calculus III from Fall 2019.

Here is my math314-02-s19 webpage for Discrete Math from Spring 2019.

Here is my math324-01-su19 webpage for Differential Equations from Summer 2019.

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