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Eugene Klimko

Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., 1967, Ohio State University
At Binghamton since 1973
Areas of Interest: Probability and statistics
Summary of research interests

Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Daniel Normolle, August, 1987
      Thesis: Comparing the Performance of Classification Methods
    • Deborah Brigham, January, 1981
      Thesis: Discrete Discriminant Analysis Using Log-Linear Models
    • Timothy Masters, January, 1981
      Thesis: Automated Classification of Aerial Photographs
    • David Mauro, Fall, 1981
      Thesis: Consistency of Kaplan Meier Least Squares Estimators
    • Gene Sprechini, January, 1981
      Thesis: Testing for Robustness of Certain F-Tests in the General Linear Model

Here's a link to my personal web page.

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