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Fernando Guzman

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., 1985, Syracuse University
At Binghamton since 1985
Areas of Interest: Algebra, algebraic logic, theoretical computer science
Summary of research interests

Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Jonathan Doane, Summer, 2022
      Thesis: Boolean twice monoids
    • Charles (Matt) Evans, Summer, 2020
      Thesis: Spectral Properties of Commutative BCK-Algebras
    • Joseph Cyr, Summer, 2019
      Thesis: Subdirectly Irreducible Binary Modes
    • Eran Crockett, Summer, 2018
      Thesis: On a Class of Nilpotent Algebras
    • Martha Kilpack, Spring, 2012
      Thesis: The Lattice of Closure Operators and the Algebraic Lattice of Algebraic Closure Operators
    • Gina Kucinski, Summer, 2010
      Thesis: Duality for the Algebra of Conditional Logic
    • Viji Thomas, Summer, 2010 (Co-advisor Luise-Charlotte Kappe)
      Thesis: The Box-Tensor Product: A Generlization of the Nonabelian Tensor Product
    • Joshua Palmatier, Spring, 2005
      Thesis: M-Zeroids: Structure and Categorical Equivalences
    • Dan Clouse, Summer, 2002
      Thesis: A Dual Representation of Boolean Semirings In a Category of Structured Topological Spaces
    • Zoran Sunik, Summer, 2000
      Thesis: On a Class of Periodic Spinal Groups of Intermediate Growth
    • Elizabeth Gumustop, Spring, 1997
      Thesis: Varieties of Codes and Codifiable Varieties of Monoids

Course Web Page(s)

Number Systems - Math 330 - 01 (Spring 2022)

Here's a link to my personal web page.

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