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Alex Feingold

Ph.D., 1977, Yale University
At Binghamton since 1979

Areas of Interest: Algebra, Lie algebras, conformal field theory
Summary of research interests

Math Reviews list of published papers .
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Phone: (607) 777-2465
Fax: (607) 777-2450
  • Office: WH 115
  • Office hours:
  • Courses:
    • Spring 2020

      Math 304 Section 06 : Linear Algebra
      MWF 1:10 - 2:40 SL-302
      Math 699 Section 07 : Dissertation
      - -
    • Fall 2020

      Math 507 Section 01 : Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
      MWF 10:50 - 11:50 WH-100E
      Math 603 Section 01 : Topics in Algebra
      MWF 1:10? - 2:10? WH?-309?
  • Ph. D. Students:
    • Diego Penta, Spring, 2016
      Thesis: Decomposition of the Rank 3 Kac-Moody Lie Algebra F with Respect to the Rank 2 Hyperbolic Subalgebra Fib
    • Christopher Mauriello, Spring, 2013
      Thesis: Branching Rule Decomposition of Irreducible Level-1 E6(1)-modules with respect to F4(1)
    • Quincy Loney, Summer, 2012
      Thesis: Decomposition of Level-1 Representations of D4(1) With Respect to its Subalgebra G2(1) in the Spinor Construction
    • Omar Saldarriaga, Summer, 2004
      Thesis: Fusion Algebras, Symmetric Polynomials, Orbits of Elementary N-Groups, and Rank-Level Duality
    • Mike Weiner, Spring, 1994
      Thesis: Bosonic Construction of Vertex Operator Para-Algebras from Symplectic Affine Kac-Moody Algebras

Here's a link to my personal web page where you can find links to syllabi of my current and recent courses, links to pictures of my mathematical sculptures, links to the webpages I maintain for the Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts honor society, and for the Pi Mu Epsilon math honor society, as well as many other interesting links.

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